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Step into a new chapter of your life and career with our online training. Our e-learning delivers efficient and advanced techniques, high-level education, and the best experience to transform your personal and professional journey.

Online Training

Discover our online courses, from free basics to in-depth programs, perfect for all levels. Start your journey to mastery today, learning at your own pace.


Master Program

Ultimate online experience with printed materials, practical exercises, and the most complete program to boost your career.


Expert Training

Online classes, filled with digital content, perfect for pros who want to sharpen a skill, and become micropigmentation expert.


Special Courses and Offers

Special and affordable online training designed to support PMU professionals and newcomers in refining skills and expanding expertise in the field.

Master Program

Premium Experience Tailored for Elite Professionals

Experience a premium, personalized learning journey with our Master Programs, offering a diverse selection of techniques and unique printed material kits that can be delivered anywhere in the world. Engage in unique hands-on exercises and interactive learning, supported by customized tutoring and support designed to enhance your professional growth.

5 Techniques
Kit Included

Brows Program

Immerse yourself in a journey into the world of eyebrow artistry, where you'll master five key techniques designed to create beautifully defined and natural-looking brows.

*Limited Time Offer
9 Techniques
Kit Included

Lips & Eyes Program

Explore the nuances of lip and eye micropigmentation with 9 essential techniques, and learn to tailor each approach for stunning lips and captivating eyes.

*Limited Time Offer
Full Technique
Kit Included

Areola Program

Embark on our Areola Reconstruction online program and transform lives by mastering the art of natural areola restoration, bringing hope and new beginnings to those seeking renewal.

*Limited Time Offer
15 Techniques | 18 Months Access

PMU Master Program

Embark on your journey with the PMU Master Program, the WORLD´S MOST COMPLETE PMU TRAINING. This program serves as a transformative gateway for your career, providing extensive learning opportunities for success, financial gain, and establishing you as an authority in the industry.

More than just a course, it's a career accelerator, equipping you with 15 essential micropigmentation techniques for Eyebrows, Lips, Eyes, and Areola. Embrace this chance to elevate your skills to high performance and excellence with the PMU Master Program, and revolutionize your life and career.

15 Techniques for Eyebrows, Lips, Eyes and Areola.

18 Months Access with Online Support.

Exclusive and Personalized Material Kit.

*Limited Time Offer

15 Techniques Available

Master 15 essential techniques to elevate your expertise and position yourself as an elite professional in the PMU industry.

18 Months Access

Enjoy 18 months of access and online support with our program, ensuring you have ample time and assistance to fully master your craft.

Premium Material Package

Get the market's top materials and exercises kit, crafted to make your learning stand out with its unmatched quality and variety.

Complementary Learning Options

Perfect for those seeking to boost their skills and expertise beyond online classes, with practical training and personalized mentoring.

Exclusive for PMU Master Program Students (Optional)

One-on-One Online Mentorship

Our one-on-one online mentorship with Roberta is a special extra for those seeking a personal touch. Although our PMU Master Program already offers extensive support and tutoring, this mentorship is ideal for those seeking personalized guidance.

It's an optional add-on, not included in the program's cost, and requires an additional fee for anyone desiring direct advice from an expert. Exclusive to students enrolled in the PMU Master program, the 1-hour session can be accessed only once per student and is available while the student remains active on the online platform.

1 hour of one-on-one online mentorship with Roberta

*This option may be changed or removed without notice

Exclusive for PMU Master Program Students (Optional)

Practical Training

Our Practical Day offers one-on-one training with Roberta, providing hands-on experience as an optional enhancement for those looking to refine their skills under direct supervision. Available at an extra cost, this day is for students who've completed our online program, including all exercises and the course completion certificate.

This one-day session focuses on mastering a single technique of your choice. It's a great opportunity to enhance your technique and uncover Roberta's trade secrets through personal and individual interaction..

1 Day / 1 Technique.

One-on-one in-person training with Roberta.

Hands-on model. Student must bring your own model.

Starting at
*This option may be changed or removed without notice

Exclusive for PMU Master Program Students (Optional)

Plus Package

Embrace our Optional Plus Package for extra benefits and tools to enhance your learning experience. Tailored just for you, it includes ready-made models and templates of essential documents for your daily operations, and exclusive hot seat sessions to connect directly with Roberta in small online groups.

Please note that these models are provided for reference purposes only, and it's advisable to consult with a specialized lawyer if needed.

Hot Seats

Client Consent Form

Image Release Agreement

Medical History Form

Aftercare Card

*This option may be changed or removed without notice

PMU Master Program Subscription Plan

Our PMU Master Program now offers a Subscription Plan designed to ease your learning journey. With an initial down payment followed by monthly installments, this plan makes it easier for you to access our comprehensive training without financial strain.

This flexible payment option allows you to focus on mastering the art of PMU, ensuring you can spread the cost over time and invest in your future. Start your path to becoming a PMU master today, with the peace of mind that our Subscription Plan brings.

*Limited Time Offer
$800 Down Payment + 12 Monthly Payments of $100.

Expert Training

Over 15.000 students worldwide

Join our concise, expert-led online courses, focusing on specific micropigmentation techniques for quick, targeted learning. Ideal for professionals aiming to refine their skills and become industry experts, these streamlined classes offer direct, practical knowledge for immediate application and mastery in your craft.

3 Techniques | 12 Months Access

PMU Expert (3 in1)

Don't miss the opportunity to transform your life and career. The PMU Expert is the ideal training for professionals seeking comprehensive, robust, and consistent learning. This is a must-attend training that will teach you all the secrets of Nano Brows, Lip Blush, and Areola permanent makeup techniques.

It's a package of our 3 online Expert Trainings (Nano Brows + Lips + Areola). An immersion of knowledge to help you achieve success, earn well, enjoy a quality life, and become an authority in the micropigmentation market.

3 courses in 1 (Nano Brows + Lips + Areola).

12 months access with online support.

Digital materials.

*Limited Time Offer

Convenience and Flexibility

Learn anywhere and at any time with our online education, specially tailored to fit into your busy and rigid schedules.

Tested and Consistent

Tested and validated method, transformed into consistent e-learning. Save money by taking online classes and avoiding travel expenses.

Personalized Education

Online learning tailored to your unique needs and pace, all to ensure an amazing journey that maximizes your growth and potential.

6 Months Access
Online Support

Nano Brows Expert

Dive into the precision and artistry of Nano Brows, mastering the latest techniques for natural-looking and finely detailed eyebrows.

*Limited Time Offer
6 Months Access
Online Support

Lip Blush Expert

Get into the world of Lip Blush with our course, where you'll learn to boost lip color and shape, giving lips a natural, full look.

*Limited Time Offer
6 Months Access
Online Support

Areola Expert

Explore the Areola Expert training and learn how to transform lives with our world-renowned technique, art, and purpose.

*Limited Time Offer

Special Courses and Offers

Over 15.000 students worldwide

Dive deeper into the art of micropigmentation with our unique and affordable online courses and interactive live sessions. Enjoy the opportunity to access the most advanced PMU online platform. Explicitly crafted to empower PMU professionals and enthusiastic newcomers, our resources are provided to enhance skills with premium and affordable education.

Special Offer

Brow Mapping

Master the Art of Brows Mapping Online

More than 5000 students have accessed

*Limited Time Offer
Special Offer

AMIEA Machine Training

Learn the best way to use the AMIEA Machine

Join a group of over 5000 students

*Limited Time Offer

Affordable Courses to Unlock Your Journey

Start shaping your future today. Dive into our affordable courses, designed to empower new professionals on their journey and make quality education accessible to everyone.

Premium Materials to Enhance Your Knowledge and Skills

Explore our special materials designed to deepen your understanding and refine your skills, providing a unique blend of insights and practical tools to elevate your expertise.

Free Webinars: Connecting Our Expertise to Your Need

Join our complimentary webinars and live sessions, where we bridge our extensive experience with your specific learning needs, offering personalized insights and real-time interaction.

Special Offer

Fullface Training Workouts

3 Techniques - Shadow Brows + Lips + Eyeliner
*Limited Time Offer
Special Course

Artistic Training

Creative Course Unlocking Artistic Potential
*Limited Time Offer

User-Friendly and Dynamic Interface

Dive into an experience where ease meets innovation with our user-friendly and dynamic interface, designed to enhance your interaction and streamline your journey.

Simple and Efficient Learning

Embark on an insightful learning journey where concepts quickly become clear, effortlessly guiding you towards mastering new skills with ease and precision.

Complementary and Unique Topics

Dive into unique topics that enhance your knowledge, creatively designed to boost your learning in an engaging and straightforward manner.

Best Online Experience in the Permanent Makeup Market

Step into the future with our Professional Permanent Academy, blending educational excellence, advanced techniques, world-renowned methods, and cutting-edge innovations.

Worldwide Pioneering in the Fusion of Art and Education

First academy worldwide to integrate an artistic environment into PMU education, cultivating professionals' artistic and aesthetic sensibilities.

Experience and
Innovation in Education

We offer a cutting-edge education that merges experience with innovation, shaping tomorrow's leaders.

Method Validated by Over 15.000 Students

Our education has been tested and approved by students in over 50 countries. An outstanding approach, knowledge, and international experience to transform you into a PMU Expert.

Breaking Down Distances to Shape New Realities

We break down walls, bringing people together globally. No matter where you're based, we've got you covered, offering education accessible to professionals from any region.

Our e-learning, free from geographical barriers, empowers PMU artists everywhere to learn, enhance skills, and grow in the micropigmentation industry.

Modern Platform. Inspired by Netflix

We developed the most modern and exclusive PMU online platform. All to provide our students with the best e-learning experience in the market.

Rmony International Certification

Our certification grants you the status and recognition you deserve to work with credibility and become an authority in the field of micropigmentation.

All in 3 Languages, with no Subtitles or Translation

Everything in English, Spanish, and Portuguese to provide the best experience in your native language.

A World of Opportunities. All in Your Hands

Embrace the opportunity to enter one of the most promising, lucrative, and fastest-growing markets in the beauty industry. Enjoy working with purpose in an incredible market getting excellent compensation.

Meet our Founder

Explore the international credentials of our Brazilian founder, artist, and educator to uncover a journey of expertise, knowledge and innovation.

Roberta Peixoto Portrait

Roberta Peixoto

Roberta is a Brazilian artist and international speaker and instructor, driven by passion and committed to enhancing beauty and rebuilding women's lives through advanced permanent makeup aesthetics and medical tattoo techniques.

A mentor and educator dedicated to excellence and innovation, shaping creative methods and learning experiences to unlock the potential of new professionals through the power of education.

7.000 procedures performed.

15.000 students in over 50 countries.

15 years of experience.

World Renowed Artist, Educator and Trainer

An international artist and educator in permanent makeup and medical micropigmentation, known for blending creativity with skills and developing innovative educational experiences, inspiring professionals worldwide and leading talents globally.

Spain FlagUnited States FlagBrazil Flag

Fluent in 3 languages

Fluent in 3 languages, Roberta delivers a multilingual experience. Whether as a speaker, jury, artist, or educator, her goal is to provide engaging communication across cultures, promoting innovation, safe and creative techniques in the permanent makeup industry.

International Speaker and Master Trainer AMIEA

Since 2018, providing "train the trainer" courses worldwide and supporting international launches and market innovations by AMIEA, a German company and world leader in the Permanent Makeup industry.

Honorary Member of AMME

The leading Spanish Association of Micropigmentation and Microblading.

Jury and Speaker in over 20 countries.

Speaker and Jury at the largest and most important events in the world in the field.