In-Person Experience

Unlock Your Potential and Career with Our In-Person Training

Embrace the opportunity to enter one of the most promising, lucrative, and fastest-growing markets in the beauty industry. Enjoy working with purpose in an incredible market getting excellent compensation.

In-Person Training

Dive into our in-person courses, from small groups to individual sessions, where excellence meets innovation to truly prepare new talents for the micropigmentation market.

Private Classes | Small Groups

Intensive courses in small groups (6 students max), with hands-on models, and an innovative learning experience tailored to transform your career and professional performance.

One-on-One Training

An engaging, one-on-one, practical learning experience with exclusive and 100% instructor dedication, designed for professionals seeking customized and unique training.

Areola Partner Program

An intensive Areola Training Program and solutions dedicated exclusively to professionals, nurses, business companies, and potential partners.

Private Classes | Small Groups

Over 15.000 students worldwide

Our intensive in-person courses are conducted in intimate group settings, limited to a small number of participants to ensure personalized attention.

Most classes include practical sessions with hands-on models, offering real-world experience, complemented by online training and support to enhance your skills, achieve your goals, and advance your professional journey.

3-day course
Hands-on Model

Nano Brows Training

Dive into the precision and artistry of Nano Brows, mastering the latest techniques for natural-looking and finely detailed eyebrows.

2-day course
Hands-on Model

Lip Training

Get into the world of Lip Blush with our course, where you'll learn to boost lip color and shape, giving lips a natural, full look.

2-day course
Hands-on Model

Eyeliner Training

Explore a world of precise and artistic eyeliner techniques, mastering ways to create natural-looking and finely detailed lines.

2-day course
Hands-on Model (Optional)

Areola Training

Experience the transformative power of our Areola Training, where you learn to transform lives by blending art, technique, and purpose.

Bundle | Package

Explore Our Learning Packages

Unleash your potential with our exclusive course bundles. Our intensive training will help you master new skills and emerge as a standout professional.

7-day course

PMU Fundamentals

Don't miss the opportunity to transform your life and career. The PMU Fundamentals is the ideal package for professionals seeking comprehensive, robust, and consistent learning. This is a must-attend training that will teach you all the secrets of Nano Brows, Lip Blush, and Eyeliner permanent makeup techniques.

It's a package of our 3 Fundamental Trainings (Nano Brows + Lips + Eyeliner). An immersion of knowledge to help you achieve success, earn well, enjoy a quality life, and become an authority in the micropigmentation market.

3 Courses in 1 (Nano Brows + Lips + Eyeliner).

7 Days and 56 Hours of Intensive In-Person Training.

Hybrid Learning: In-person classes supported by 9-month online training with 14 techniques.

Hands-on Model

Our in-person training features hands-on models, turning theory into practical skills, and providing real-world experience with safety and natural results.

Hybrid Experience

In-person classes, supported by online training, offering flexibility and reinforcing learning to ensure a comprehensive educational experience.

Premium Materials

Our top-tier materials and exercises are designed to elevate your skills to the next level, providing a unique experience crafted to enhance your technique and artistic expression.

10-day course

PMU Professional Program

Embark on your journey with the Professional PMU Program, the world's most complete in-person micropigmentation training. More than just a course, it's an all-in-one career accelerator, comprising a package of four essential micropigmentation courses for Eyebrows, Lips, Eyes, and Areola.

This intensive and transformative training enhances your skills to high performance and excellence. Take advantage of this opportunity to transform your life and career with the Professional PMU Program.

4 Courses in 1 (Nano Brows + Lips + Eyes + Areola).

10 Days and 80 Hours of Intensive In-Person Training.

Hybrid Learning: In-person classes supported by 18-month online training with 15 techniques.

Areola Partner Program

An intensive areola training program and solutions dedicated exclusively to business companies, professionals and potential partners.

Coming Soon

Areola Partner Program

We are thrilled to announce the most innovative areola program in the PMU industry. A premium experience and an intensive training program designed for professionals and companies excited to dive deep into our famous and renowned areola protocol and solutions.

Our Areola Partner Program isn't just about medical micropigmentation; it's a comprehensive package of outstanding products, the latest technology, marketing strategy and tools, advanced techniques, and pure artistry, all integrated into a partnership program to help professionals and companies to provide the best care and solutions for breast cancer survivors. Sign up, join the waiting list, and get ready to make a real difference with work that merges art and purpose.

Available 3 Languages

Everything in English, Spanish, or Portuguese to provide the best experience for you, your team and business. Your language, your choice!

Worldwide Program. Everything at Your Workplace

Empower your team with our worldwide training and solutions brought directly to your door. Our Areola Partner Program is adaptable to any country or location and designed for maximum convenience and effectiveness.

Our program can be taught on-site, at your clinic or workplace, in 3 languages, wherever your company is located, or anywhere in the world.

In-Person Experience

Embark on a transformative journey with our in-person training. Lose your fear and insecurity, and experience a high-level education featuring advanced techniques and hands-on models, all designed to elevate your skills and change your permanent makeup career.

Professional Academy for Life-Changing Career

Step into the future with our Professional Permanent Academy, blending educational excellence, advanced techniques, world-renowned methods, and cutting-edge innovations. We believe in empowering our students not just with skills, but with knowledge and confidence.

With 15 years of experience and a method validated by over 15.000 students worldwide, we provide all you need to transform your career, take control of your life and schedule, and unlock new opportunities for financial success.

Worldwide Pioneering in the Fusion of Art and Education

First academy worldwide to integrate an artistic environment into PMU education, cultivating professionals' artistic and aesthetic sensibilities.

Experience and
Innovation in Education

We offer a cutting-edge education that merges experience with innovation, shaping tomorrow's leaders.

Influencer and Mentor of Top
Talents in the PMU Market

Our blended online and in-person teaching method has shaped top talents in the industry, guiding and fostering market leaders.

Modern Platform. Inspired by Netflix

Easy and practical. We developed the most modern and exclusive PMU online platform. All to provide our students with the best e-learning experience in the market.

Rmony International Certification

Our certification grants you the status and recognition you deserve to work with credibility and become an authority in the field of micropigmentation.

All in 3 Languages, with no Subtitles or Translation

Everything in English, Spanish, and Portuguese to provide the best experience in your native language.

A World of Opportunities. All in Your Hands

Embrace the opportunity to enter one of the most promising, lucrative, and fastest-growing markets in the beauty industry. Enjoy working with purpose in an incredible market getting excellent compensation.

Meet our Founder

Explore the international credentials of our Brazilian founder, artist, and educator to uncover a journey of expertise, knowledge and innovation.

Roberta Peixoto Portrait

Roberta Peixoto

Roberta is a Brazilian artist and international speaker and instructor, driven by passion and committed to enhancing beauty and rebuilding women's lives through advanced permanent makeup aesthetics and medical tattoo techniques.

A mentor and educator dedicated to excellence and innovation, shaping creative methods and learning experiences to unlock the potential of new professionals through the power of education.

7.000 procedures performed.

15.000 students in over 50 countries.

15 years of experience.

World Renowed Artist, Educator and Trainer

An international artist and educator in permanent makeup and medical micropigmentation, known for blending creativity with skills and developing innovative educational experiences, inspiring professionals worldwide and leading talents globally.

Spain FlagUnited States FlagBrazil Flag

Fluent in 3 languages

Fluent in 3 languages, Roberta delivers a multilingual experience. Whether as a speaker, jury, artist, or educator, her goal is to provide engaging communication across cultures, promoting innovation, safe and creative techniques in the permanent makeup industry.

International Speaker and Master Trainer AMIEA

Since 2018, providing "train the trainer" courses worldwide and supporting international launches and market innovations by AMIEA, a German company and world leader in the Permanent Makeup industry.

Honorary Member of AMME

The leading Spanish Association of Micropigmentation and Microblading.

Jury and Speaker in over 20 countries.

Speaker and Jury at the largest and most important events in the world in the field.

Become our Model

Become a Model

Being a model means getting a better price. However, your treatment will be filmed or photographed for training or marketing purposes. The treatment will be performed by professionals in the learning process supervised by Roberta.

Your appointment may take longer than usual due to additional explanations or preparation during the treatment.

Safe Procedure Assisted by Roberta

Experience a secure and carefully guided procedure under the watchful eye of Roberta, ensuring safety and precision at every step.

Conducted During In-Person Courses

Model procedures will be performed live during our in-person courses. Touch-ups can be done with Roberta after training.

Fair Price and Deal to Reserve your Spot

We offer attractive and affordable fees for models who want to enhance their appearance and beauty.