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Lip Blush Expert

Step into our Lip Blush Expert course for an exciting opportunity to level up your beauty career. Gain the confidence to tackle lip micropigmentation with ease as we guide you through every step of the process. Learn the secrets to mastering the art of creating soft, natural-looking lips that your clients will love.

Our course provides clear, user-friendly instructions, ensuring you grasp the technical aspects effortlessly. By mastering this technique, you'll not only enhance your skills but also open doors to increased income and job satisfaction in the beauty industry.

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Roberta Peixoto
Lip Blush Expert

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Get ready for a journey filled with all the tools, skills, and insider tips you need to make learning easy and transformational.

Become an Expert with the Lip Blush Training

Our online Lip Blush Expert course will teach you a sophisticated and artistic approach to lip enhancement! You will discover the latest techniques to create natural-looking lips that exude elegance and charm.

Whether you're new to the field or a seasoned professional, our course provides clear and comprehensive instruction to help you refine your skills. Elevate your expertise and unlock your creative potential in the world of lip micropigmentation. Enroll today to take your career to new heights!

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Our certification grants you the status and recognition you deserve to work with credibility and become an authority in the market.

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Learn from the Best at Rmony Academy

Step into a world of expertise with Roberta Peixoto at Rmony Academy, trusted by over 15.000 students worldwide in 3 languages: English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

With 15 years of experience, our courses are crafted to boost your career, making you stand out in the industry. Join us to gain top-notch skills and become a recognized professional.

Lip Blush Expert

Course Content

Explore our detailed course content, offering a comprehensive overview of topics and techniques covered to guide your learning journey.

Lip Reshaping

Types of Effects

Contraindications and Healing Process

Outline the Lips Exercises

Stretching and Needles

Positioning and Movement

Material Preparation

Colors and Pigments for Lips

Step-by-Step: Lip Blush Technique

Lip Blush Expert

The Course is
Recommended for:

Beginners looking to master the most in-demand technique in the market, setting them up for success in the beauty industry.

Advanced professionals seeking to refine their skills and unlock the secrets of realism with our exclusive method and Lip Blush technique.

Those who feel fear or insecurity in performing micropigmentation procedures and need technical advancement and an efficient method to enhance their work results.

Established micropigmentation and tattoo artists, or healthcare professionals aiming to attract more clients, stand out in their region, surpass competition, and become an authority in the field.

Professionals who are seeking lucrative earnings and flexible schedules in the fastest-growing beauty segment, ensuring financial independence and work opportunities.

Permanent makeup artists who are looking to enhance their skills and expand their knowledge in the evolving beauty field, ensuring they remain competitive in the market.

Lip Blush Expert

Become an Expert with the Lip Blush Training

Empower your career journey with our online Lip Blush Expert course, mastering cutting-edge lip enhancement techniques for enhanced success and fulfillment.

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Meet our Founder

Explore the international credentials of our Brazilian founder, artist, and educator to uncover a journey of expertise, knowledge and innovation.

Roberta Peixoto Portrait

Roberta Peixoto

Roberta is a Brazilian artist and international speaker and instructor, driven by passion and committed to enhancing beauty and rebuilding women's lives through advanced permanent makeup aesthetics and medical tattoo techniques.

A mentor and educator dedicated to excellence and innovation, shaping creative methods and learning experiences to unlock the potential of new professionals through the power of education.

7.000 procedures performed.

15.000 students in over 50 countries.

15 years of experience.

World Renowed Artist, Educator and Trainer

An international artist and educator in permanent makeup and medical micropigmentation, known for blending creativity with skills and developing innovative educational experiences, inspiring professionals worldwide and leading talents globally.

Spain FlagUnited States FlagBrazil Flag

Fluent in 3 languages

Fluent in 3 languages, Roberta delivers a multilingual experience. Whether as a speaker, jury, artist, or educator, her goal is to provide engaging communication across cultures, promoting innovation, safe and creative techniques in the permanent makeup industry.

International Speaker and Master Trainer AMIEA

Since 2018, providing "train the trainer" courses worldwide and supporting international launches and market innovations by AMIEA, a German company and world leader in the Permanent Makeup industry.

Honorary Member of AMME

The leading Spanish Association of Micropigmentation and Microblading.

Jury and Speaker in over 20 countries.

Speaker and Jury at the largest and most important events in the world in the field.

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