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Being a model means getting a better price. However, some criteria apply. If you're interested in becoming our model, please review all the requirements and information below. If you agree, contact us to enjoy the benefits and be included on the waiting list!

Safe Procedure - Your treatment will be performed by professionals under Roberta's supervision.

No Previous Work - You cannot have any previous experience in the area where you wish to undergo the procedure.

Fair Price and Deal - We provide affordable rates for models seeking to enhance their appearance and beauty.

The procedures will be conducted during our group or one-on-one classes.

Your appointment might take a bit longer than usual as we explain and prepare during the treatment. Thanks for your patience!

Treatment will be filmed or photographed for training or marketing purposes.

Available for those over 18 years old..

Touch-up not included. Touch-ups are optional but recommended. It can be done by Roberta to ensure quality and optimal results.

$ 250

*Limited Time Offer

Waiting List

Become Our Model

To join our waiting list, please contact us via phone, DM, or WhatsApp, providing your name and photo, or fill out the form below, and our team will reach out to you shortly. Please ensure that your photo is filter-free.

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