In-person Training Terms and Policies

Our Terms and Policies section outlines the essential guidelines and regulations for our in-person micropigmentation courses at the academy. We encourage all prospective students to review these terms carefully to understand their rights and responsibilities, ensuring a clear and mutual understanding of expectations for both parties.

Refund and Cancellation Policy

All down payments are nonrefundable. If you cancel or can't attend, the deposit isn't returned. However, if you notify us 15 days before the course, your payment is credited for a year for any course with us. You can reschedule once.

Does the course offer a certificate?

Yes. All courses provide certification, granting you the status and recognition you deserve to work with credibility and establish yourself as an authority in micropigmentation.


Please email us at least 15 days before the training date. When rescheduling to a new date, you must pay off any remaining course balance. You can reschedule once, and if there are any price adjustments or program changes, we'll apply the rates and content from the updated course. If your chosen course is discontinued, your payment becomes a credit for any Rmony course.

What language is the course in?

We offer instruction and materials in English, Spanish, or Portuguese for one-on-one courses. Training is available only in English for private (small group) courses. However, printed materials and online course access can be provided in one of the three languages: English, Spanish, or Portuguese. When you sign up, let our team know your preference by email or DM.

Do I need experience to sign up?

Most of our courses are designed for both beginners and those with some knowledge in the field, providing a solid and comprehensive foundation for all students regardless of their previous experience level. However, specific courses may be tailored exclusively for advanced students. If you're uncertain, please get in touch with our team, and we'll advise you on the course that best suits your needs.

When can I access the online course and support?

Online access and support start 7 days before the course begins or until you've paid the remaining balance. If you'd like access sooner than the 7-day mark, you must pay the full course fee upon signing up.

Do I need to bring any materials?

For your convenience, we provide all necessary machines, pigments, and materials for use during course exercises, ensuring you don't need to bring anything. Please note that these resources are for in-class use and are not included in the course fee nor belong to the students. However, you can bring your own machine, pigments, and materials if you prefer.

Does the course include practice on models?

Most of our in-person training includes hands-on models, which turn theory into practical skills and provide real-world experience with immediate results. However, some courses, like areola training, offer optional hands-on model practice, where the students may bring their own models and pay a plus package to access this extra option.

Payment Method

We accept deposits, wire transfers, most credit and debit cards, and cash. However, we do not accept checks.

Where's the course located?

The Academy is located in Houston, Texas, but the courses may be taught in various cities. The course page will indicate the city, venue, and date of each training.

Are there installment payment options available?

We are exploring the best alternatives to make course access more accessible. If you want to enter the field or prefer installment payments for a course, please get in touch with our team; we will provide available options to facilitate your journey.

Do the private classes offer online support?

Our private classes are complemented by online training, which offers flexibility and reinforces learning to ensure a high-level experience. This service is designed to provide our students with the best online support and e-learning experience after in-person classes, using the most modern and exclusive PMU online platform.

Are flight tickets, hotel, transportation, and meals included?

Flight tickets, airport/course shuttle, hotel stays, breakfast, and lunch aren't included in the course price. But we offer a light, quick coffee break in the afternoon during all courses. We provide an optional concierge service for one-on-one classes to ensure your worry-free journey. From airport pickups to hotel bookings and dining suggestions, we can handle it all so you can focus on enhancing your skills.

Do I need to make a deposit to secure my spot?

Yes, a deposit is required for all in-person courses to guarantee and reserve your spot. The amount required for the initial deposit is detailed on each specific course page.

When do I need to pay the remaining course balance?

The remaining balance is due 7 days before the course start date.

Is there an age limit to participate in the course?

Yes, all micropigmentation courses are only available to students who are 18 years of age or older.